Attention social workers, counselors, teachers and human service professionals who serve at-risk children:

  • Are you tired of putting out fires with angry and defiant children?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by destructive trends displayed by today’s adolescent children?
  • Are you frustrated with ineffective behavioral management approaches that seldom produce lasting change?
  • Are you ready to give up or do you have the courage to try new approaches in the healing of children?
  • When was the last time you felt passionate and excited about a dynamic treatment approach with the youth under your care?

These are questions that confront professionals who contact John Micsak on a daily basis. Research and the latest census bare harsh reality:

...Each year over 3 million children are reported to authorities for abuse and/or neglect and with the number of unreported cases, it is far higher.

...Outside play has been reduced by 50% over the last twenty years leading to impaired social and emotional development.

...There are 450,000 runaways in the United States each year and within 48 hours one out of three will be sexually exploited by an adult.

... According to the U.S. census for 2009, one in five children live below the poverty level.

...With the rising addiction to the internet, gaming and television programs, by the time a child is 17, he or she will have witnessed over 300,000 violent images through media sources.

...Most traumatic events begin at home where approximately 80 % of adults responsible for child maltreatment are the parents of children.

...School pressure and peer to peer aggression are making the academic environment a stress zone for many children and adolescents.

.....Permissive and /or absent parenting and the dissipation of the nuclear and extended family is an epidemic in America. Quality parental time is down to 9-12 minutes a day with a child.

...The U.S. is the only industrialized country that still allows corporal punishment in schools (20 states) and students with disabilities are disproportionately affected by such draconian methods of discipline.

... Fear based parenting (physical punishment, coercion, defamation etc.) is a pre-curser to domestic violence and a contributor to developmental trauma of children. Fear based parenting is still widely accepted in American culture.

As a consultant and childhood trauma expert since 1977, John Micsak knows that he cannot solve every problem and dilemma in a single presentation...

John Micsak has, however, created a variety of programs and products that are designed to systematically address the healing of at-risk youth in homes, schools, community based and residential programs.

"The latest brain research unequivocally proves that brain chemistry and brain structural issues are influenced dramatically by restorative relational experiences and sensory adaptable environments. Clinicians and teachers will identify healing solutions informed by revolutionary breakthroughs in the three regions of the brain as defined by the thinking brain (cortex) responsible for abstract reasoning; the emotional brain (limbic) responsible for affect regulation, empathy, affiliation and tolerance; and the survival brain (brain stem or reptilian) responsible for fight or flight, heart and other body regulation functions.

There is no need for these children to be left behind or held hostage by childhood experiences over which they had no control. We who interface with them have the power to make a dramatic difference in the outcome of their lives."

Healing the Inside Child is a revolutionary approach to working with challenging children and adolescents that emphasizes bottom (lower brain regions) to top (higher brain regions) intervention protocol.

“Historically we have failed, stressed, and traumatized children by focusing too much on the thinking brain and ignoring the vast horizon of the subconscious brain which includes the limbic system and survival brain and central nervous system of a child.”

"My program focuses on addressing brain regions sequentially from bottom, or survival brain to top, or cortical brain to creating healing pathways.

Kids can not become logical and understand cause and effect thinking until their body and mind systems experience balance through restorative relationships and appropriate sensory experiences"

As a passionate clinician and frontliner with at-risk youth offering over 40 accredited subjects that synthesize research from cutting edge resiliency work, trauma informed care and body/mind science, John is a liaison and consultant to mental health and legal professionals, schools and families.

We are only now beginning to understand the traumatic stress and fear these children have experienced and endured. John says, "Behavior management systems that merely manipulate the surface behavior of youth will never build long term healing and intrinsic change. Only recently are we including the subject of trauma in assessment and treatment planning. Increasingly, contingencies, consequences, level systems, point charts, rewards and punishment are insufficient to address the psychological and emotional restoring of large numbers of children suffering from stress-related issues."

Since 1977, John Micsak has worked with thousands of at-risk youth primarily in residential and community based settings as well as professionals worldwide serving vulnerable youth with traumatic and delinquent histories. His brain based and wellness approaches provide the restorative practices that can create new and healthy pathways for challenging children.


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